Super Bright Rechargable LED Headlamp With Car Charger

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As a old man once said, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." (Lewis Carroll)  How true, but with this headlamp you will know where you are going and it will get you there!  1000 Lumen adjustable headlamp gives great lighting no matter your location or activity.  Great for hiking, glamping, backpacking, camping, spelunking, night fishing, hunting, and much more.  Water resistant design allows you to go places other lights might not be able to take you.  Rechargable, so you can easily keep going no matter how far away you are from civilization.  

Note: Batteries not included due to shipping restrictions on batteries. Battery model 18650 Lithium-Ion 3.7V required, and can be obtained at most local stores (such as walmart).  Two LED models available - T2 and L2.  L2 is the newer and brighter LED model.