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How To Use Your iPhone GPS For Backpacking In The Wilderness

What are the best iPhone GPS apps for Wilderness backpackers? The three most important rules of real-estate are - Location, Location, Location.  Those just so happen to be three of the most important rules for long haul backpackers as well.  Forget about cellphone service.  Forget about electricity.  You are tens if not hundreds of miles from civilization, and you need to know how to get from where you are to the next point on your hike reliably.  Your life depends on it, so you want to make sure whatever you choose for your location/gps device, it's reliable. Option 1 - Google Maps Google maps is, perhaps, the most widely used gps/mapping app on the planet; and for good reason.  It...

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Family Vacation: The $75 Glamping Hack that Saved Me Over $2000

Stretch the Family Vacation Dollars! If you are like me, you are always looking to save money.  If I can find a free parking spot, I’ll take it over paid parking any day.  Cooking dinner at home instead of eating out, I’m game!  One of the greatest money saving hacks I’ve ever discovered saved me thousands on hotel rooms, and I’m still saving nearly every month. Enter the family - beautiful wife, 3 kids, and me.  All five of us.  We love camping and exploring the great outdoors.  We also love traveling, and we love a good travel hack to help stretch our dollars, dirhams, drachmas, or whatever currency we happen to be using.  All was well traveling with the five of us when the kids were...

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3 Tips to Making Great Camping Coffee

We've all been there before - In the middle of the woods, just woke up from a rough first night camping.  Your back aches, your kids are hangry, and the only thing you can think of is how to get your coffee fix - NOW.  Sorry, but plain old instant coffee will not cut it.  You need the real deal - Americano, Espresso, Macchiato, Latte...pick your poison.  Here are 3 great ways to get close to that cafe taste, even hundreds of miles from the nearest coffee shop.     Beans Beans, The Magical Fruit...It's no surprise that great beans make great coffee.  What is surprising is how easy it is to grind great beans even in the middle of a...

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